Unlocking the Benefits of Wooden Dining Tables: A Guide to Selection and Purchase

Many people feel that glass dining table is easy to crash. With the expansion of the market, wooden dining table suppliers provide more and more affordable choices. So what are the advantages of wooden dining table? How to choose wooden dining table?

Natural Wood, Sturdy and Durable

Wooden dining table is a kind of furniture made of natural wood, we can see the natural texture of wood on the surface. Thanks to the use of natural wood, it has a very natural look. The material is very strong and durable. Because the production process does not contain any artificial additives, there is no pollution potential. wooden dining table is very popular with middle and high-end consumers. Its texture is very natural, has a varied form, in the surface of the coffee table we can see a very beautiful pattern.

Preservation of Value

The wooden dining table has a value-retaining function and brings a warm atmosphere to the home environment, which makes it very popular among middle and high-end consumers. Wooden dining table reflects nature. Because of its natural texture, varied forms, furniture surface can generally see the beautiful pattern of wood. Wooden dining table's service life is long, generally about 5 times as long as other board coffee table, and can be used for about 15 years to 20 years.

How to Choose Wooden Dining Table?

  • Look for straight lines or curves between the wood in layers. If there is, it is a man-made board, because solid wood other than rosewood and camphor wood does not have a beautiful grain.

  • Pure wood has its own special flavor, there are a lot of wood will retain the faint flavor. For example, pine has a turpentine odor and cypress has a light fragrance. A lot of man-made boards have no flavor, but will have a very strong chemical material odor, such as formaldehyde, it is good to identify.

  • Solid wood pieces with a hand tap will emit a more crisp sound, while the sound of artificial board is low.

Wooden dining table looks more rustic and generous because of the natural wood used. Although man-made boards are cheaper, they are less durable. If you need to buy a better value for money product, it is recommended to buy solid wood from a reliable wooden dining table supplier. Tianjin Lulu International Trade Co., Ltd is your reliable choice. We have design and R &D team to meet your special needs.

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